What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is one of the most efficient forms of advertising in today's society. We are witnessing a time when consumers spend more than 70% of their time outside of their homes. That is why there is a decline in demand for electronic and print media advertising, and the demand for outdoor advertising is constantly increasing. Outdoor advertising is the form that best describes the art of the 21st century.

Why outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is the only form of advertising where the ad runs 24 hours a day, and thus continuously transmits the desired message and affects all of the target groups, although they are in motion. It can’t be turned off or ignored. It is a large, attractive medium that promotes Your message in the best possible way.

What are the forms of outdoor advertising?

There are many forms of outdoor advertising. Out of home advertising offers bigboards, billboards, wallscapes, scaffolds, digital displays...

What determines the price of bigboards, wallscapes and billboards?

The value of each form of outdoor advertising is determined by the size and shape of the medium, as well as the frequency of passers-by and traffic.

What are the services we provide?

Aside from installing and desmantling the advertising sheets ourselves, we also offer the service of digital print. The design of the ad needs to be delivered in TIFF format 1:10, 200dpi on a CD or uploaded to the FTP server. For uploading the design to the FTP server, a password will be given.

Outdoor advertising vs. electronic and print media

Why pay for advertising on television or radio, which lasts a couple of seconds, when you can have an outdoor ad which is constant? Why spend big money on ads in electronic media, which the audience avoids, when these same ads can be seen on a bigboard or billboard in everyday situations, such as driving, walking or waiting for public transportation? Why wait for the audience to find Your ad when You can get in front of the audience?

Why should advertising be encouraged?

• Advertising attracts new consumers and preserves your current customer base
• Advertising stimulates perpetual business
• Advertising is an investment into success
• Advertising allows You to stay one step ahead of the competition
• Advertising keeps Your products and services fresh in the consumer's memory
• Advertising creates an image of accomplishment for Your business
• Advertising makes money

Why Anić Holding Plus?

Employees of Anic Holding Plus are committed to their clients and always put them first. We are professional, responsible, we know what You need, and we guarantee that it will be well done. With the best service and the offer of the most attractive locations in the city for urban advertising, we allow Your ads to perfectly inform the audience about Your products and services. If You are looking for the perfect place to express yourself, we have it.