May 26, 2014

Socializing with footbalers in humanitarian action

Croatian football team players in partnership with Anic Holding Plus and their client City Center One showed their big heart at the event which was organized to help the children from the Children's Village Lekenik.

On 21st of May at City Center One West and East, Vedran Corluka, Mateo Kovacic, Ivan Perisic, Eduardo da Silva and Dejan Lovren have singled out their time to make a special day for their fans: they were signing footballs, photographing with them and socializing with the visitors. In difficult times like these, for many people in our country, we must not forget about the others who need help, such as the children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik for which, on this occasion, we collected 8.874,85 kunas. Mario Mandzukic and Ivica Olic, who were originally supposed to attend the event, unfortunately could not attend because they were visiting our flood-affected Slavonia. Our players have once again demonstrated that they are never "too big" to help "the little people".

Mar 28, 2014

A new member of Karlovac Brewery introduced on scaffolds of Anic Holding Plus

Anic Holding Plus d.o.o. hosted a new member of Karlovac Brewery on its scaffolds. It's the Amstel Premium Pilsener beer which has a refreshing taste and whose long tradition of developement was presented in the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, which was attended by numerous Croatian celebrities as well as business partners of Karlovac Brewery.

For the first time in Croatia, an ad has been made whose visual and superior technical features constantly catch the eye of the passerbys. This beer originates from the river Amstel in Amsterdam, so the new design of the bottle on the label shows the original brewery next to a picture of Amstel's master brewer. Amstel's ad, which is located on the scaffolds of Anic Holding Plus in the center of Zagreb and in Rijeka at the Žabica Square, displays an interesting history and rich heritage of this beer. To fully illustrate the history of the beer, which was being developed over 140 years ago, in the ad's background, you can see the city of Amsterdam in the past, which the team of Anic Holding Plus with its partners succeeded to revive with excellent lighting effects. Switching the light of the "street lamps" and "apartments" on and off  is what makes this ad different from the others. What this ad tells us with it's unique message is "Do not save time". Time flies by, but sometimes it's necessary to invest more time in order to obtain better quality. Take time to share Amstel Premium Pilsener with a loved one and enjoy.

Jul 1, 2013

A celebration on the occasion of Croatia joining the EU

On June 30th of 2013 at the Ban Jelacic Square, the celebration of Croatia joining the European Union was held. For a better experience of this historical event, Anic Holding Plus also gave it's contribution. Along with financial donations, Anic Holding Plus gave its advertising surfaces to Croatian Government for presentations which were displayed on the Square buildings. Special thanks must be given to our clients who gave their advertising space for the celebration - Carlsberg, Ledo, Renault, Vip and Beko.