• PUBLISHED: 27-11-2020
  • at: 10:21

Anić Outdoor presents the biggest OOH site in Croatia placed at the most famous address in the country - a scaffold banner on Zagreb's main square, Ban J. Jelačić Square. Important messages should be communicated via large formats, and our clients know it. A1 Croatia knows well the importance of large-format advertising and thus brings Christmas campaign to the Zagreb city center.

Over the years, Anić Outdoor renovated more than 40 buildings in the strict city center of Zagreb, and more across Croatia, through scaffold advertising business model. Namely, Anić Outdoor uses revenue generated from the scaffold banner advertising to finance renovation of facade, roofing or the building as a whole.
Due to circumstances, City of Zagreb supported business model that would enable OOH companies to contribute to faster and easier recovery from the damage caused by strong earthquake thought their core business.

As part of this article, we are posting photographs of the most memorable campaigns placed at well known sites, and photographs of the newest campaign placed at the most famous address in Croatia! Click here to watch installation of this mega advertising banner!