• PUBLISHED: 22-12-2020
  • at: 14:27

The acronym DOOH stands for "digital-out-of-home" and it refers to various forms of media and advertising. Digital out-of-home advertising provides a unique opportunity to combine the traditional way of advertising with a modern twist while helping to reach potential customers and increase engagement with the target audience.

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is a term used to describe all forms of digital advertising on outdoor areas such as public places, shopping malls or major roadways.

What are the benefits of DOOH?


Za razliku od online oglašavanja ili drugih medija koji se mogu ugasiti, digitalno vanjsko oglašavanje je neizbježno jer se oglas ne može ugasiti i ne može se proći pored njega bez da bude zamjećen. Zahvaljujući brzim promjenama vizuala i teksta on lakše privlači pažnju prolaznika, potiče angažman te ubrzava i olakšava kontakt.

Content variation

Advertising on digital advertising devices allows the ad to change every 15 seconds, giving the advertiser the freedom to use a variety of visuals that can range from images to videos. In addition, during the campaign it is possible to change the visual itself over weeks or months depending on the current offer or seasonal campaign.

Campaign targeting

Digital advertising devices generate reports on the amount of people exposed to the ad as well as their demographics. This allows advertisers to tailor their ad to each location and audience passing there. Through the use of different visuals in different locations, advertisers can find out where which ad engaged more people.

Detailed reporting

Through advertising on digital advertising devices, advertisers receive reports that show the number of times per day each ad ran, any incidents that may have occur and scheduling.

Digital out-of-home advertising is consistently visible, cannot be avoided, is durable, and provides enhanced opportunities for real-time targeting. Responsiveness, campaign reporting and content variation.

Source: https://www.adquick.com/blog/what-does-dooh-mean/