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About 12x5

Anić Outdoor started an innovative project of turning used bigboard banners into backpacks, sacks and other rescue equipment for emergency services. The project called 12x5 began as a cooperation with Zagreb Fire Brigade and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service but has continued as long term dedication to recycling advertising tarps into rescue equipment for both public and voluntary emergency services. Besides rescue equipment, we are almost ready to launch several different types of bags made of used biggboard banners for your everyday use! Stick around, products will be availabile on our webshop soon! Campaign is not over once the banner is taken off the billboard which is why we are investing time and effort to find as many ways to recycle used banners. We encourage you to contact us because we would love to hear your suggestions! Read more about the project below.

Project 12x5


Outdoor advertising industry produces hundreds of advertising banners annualy. As campaigns end, most of those banners are destroyed or stored and never used again. The goal of this project is to acknowledge that campaign is not over once the banner has been taken off the bigboard and to give those same banner another purpose.


Anić Outdoor, one of the industry leaders in large format outdoor advertising, produces more than 400 advertising banners annualy. These advertising banners are PVC tarpaulins 60m2+ large and, in the past, mostly destroyed or stored at the end of campaign. The result was deterioration and accumulation of large amount of recyclable material.


We have launched a Recycling Program through which we strive to find and establish as many recycling channels as possible to give our used advertising banners a new purpose. We decided to turn some of the used advertising banners into backpacks and sacks adjusted to those who take care of our safety; emergency services. We made backpacks and sacks designed to fit the needs of Zagreb Fire Brigade and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service. Besides the tarp itself, materials essential for the production of the ad banner and its installation such as straps, buckles or rings have been used in the production of the equipment as well.


Thanks to the good will of our clients, 8 out of 10 used advertising banners are recycled rather than stored or destroyed. Thanks to the trust placed by the emergency services, Zagreb Fire Brigade, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and voluntary fire brigades throughout Croatia are now equipped with hundreds of solid, waterproof and long-lasting backpacks and sacks. In this case, local manufacturers made 20+ backpacks and sacks per every given advertising tarpaulin.

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