• PUBLISHED: 14-10-2020
  • at: 09:20

The research conducted in September shows how audiences experience out-of-home advertising; to what extent audiences notice out-of-home, how they react to it, and how it effects their behavior.

Respondents were men and women aged 18-63. Their average age is 34,4. All respondents live and/or work/study in Croatia.

Key takeaways:

  • Most common mean of transportation is a car: 66% used a car, as a driver or passenger, more than any other mean of transportation in the last month
  • OOH format that audiences notice and remember the most are traditional OOH formats; 98% noticed a billboard in the past month
  • 88% notice OOH at least once a week; they notice bigboards, billboards, gigaboards, digital signage, wallscapes, scaffold banners, overpasses, citylights placed on tram and bus stations
  • 57% actively notice OOH every day
  • 62% engage with the brand after seeing OOH ad; they search for product online, visit brand's website or social media
  • 75% made a purchase or visited a restaurant in the last month after seeing OOH ad
  • Entertainment industry has the greatest response of customers to its OOH; 77% purchase a ticket for the advertised event