• PUBLISHED: 12-11-2020
  • u: 14:16

According to latest research from out of home and location marketing specialist - Posterscope, two-thirds of people in the UK said they are more appreciative and emotionally connected to the outside environment after lockdown. This information has a ''knock on'' effect on positivity and noticeability towards outdoor advertising.

Following the revised government measures in late September, 89% of respondents noticed out of home advertising across any environment/format. This attitude is most prevalent in people aged 18 - 34 years. The lockdown made them realize the importance of their local streets and created a stronger emotional tie with their local community.

This new-found awareness has led to an increase in recognition of outdoor advertising and a stronger feeling towards the advertised companies. Over a third of respondents are more in favor of brands that continued using outdoor advertising during and after a lockdown; they have more trust in them because they are proactive even during unstable times. Simultaneously, out of home advertising creates a strong community connection and is part of people’s daily lives.

Source: https://www.posterscope.com/content/two-thirds-of-people-feel-more-connected-and-appreciative-of-their-outdoor-space-and-local-community-since-lockdown/


Zvonimirova – Heinzelova