• OBJAVLJENO: 05-11-2020
  • u: 12:53

Certain human emotions are universal. High on the list of these emotions is happiness; we like to be happy and have a good laugh. Therefore, in order to wake up sleepy commuters, as well as attract attention of other potential observers, companies communicating via outdoor advertising often use humorous visuals. This not only brightens someone's day but also leaves a lasting impression of the brand itself. When people are entertained, especially by humor, they are more likely to experience advertised product or service as original, and not just as an attempt to "sell."

In addition to the overall visual content, some of the techniques that include humor in advertising are teasing, slow reveal, and word games. This approach encourages audiences to take another look, to post content on social media or engage with the brand online, and even to include the ad in their every day conversations. When an ad brings a smile to a consumer's face brand can say with confidence that the campaign has been a success.

The research of Journal of Marketing on the effect of humor in advertising points out that humor improves recollection, increases value of purchase and purchase intent when a humorous message matches ad goals, when it is well integrated into brand's goals in overall and is well alligned to product category that is the subject of the ad.

Humor is not only a great way to attract the attention of consumers but it provides an excellent opportunity for a company to establish a long-term relationship with consumers. End result of such campaign is a happy and loyal consumer that contributes to brand's exponential growth.