• PUBLISHED: 21-01-2021
  • at: 12:47

Anić Outdoor DOOH network is available in Zagreb!

As of today, your ad can also be seen in Zagreb at locations in Kralj Zvonimir Street and Sestre Milosrdnice clinical hospital center.

Sestre Milosrdnice clinical hospital center is one of the largest hospital centers in Croatia. It welcomes around 79,000 patients a month, while over 5.5 million people pass through it annually. In support of the Vinogradska hospital, we have decided to implement an interactive screen with a map of the complex that allows visitors, patients and staff to find their way around the hospital more easily. The interactive map enables the search of clinics, departments and doctors in the complex with the possibility of choosing 2D or 3D view of the map. The interactive screen also has the ability to display notifications and news within the hospital for the purpose of informing visitors and staff.

Our second digital advertising device is located at the intersection of Kralj Zvonimir Street and John F. Kennedy Square near 2 colleges and 2 high schools. The Faculty of Economics in Zagreb is one of the largest faculties in Zagreb with over 8,800 students and employees passing daily, while high schools have over 700 students. Digital signage is located near Maksimir Park, Maksimir Stadium and the Svetice swimming pool complex.

Contact us at prodaja@anic-holding.com for more information.