• PUBLISHED: 13-10-2021
  • at: 13:55

We are currently in a new era that combines Instagram and OOH as a whole that serves celebrities to post billboards selfies with their pictures which they share with their audience. Celebrities are furthering their cults of personality with the shots of themselves. This trend has been evolving for several months and is currently experiencing its fascinating peak.

The impact of Instagram

Instagram has become one of the biggest social networks by its popularity. Did you know that:

  • 1 billion people use the platform each month
  • Almost two-thirds of users log in daily
  • They spend an average of 28 minutes using the app each day
  • Two-thirds of adults 18-27 use the platform, and it’s the most popular social network among teens
  • 1 in 4 Americans posted a photo of an outdoor ad on Instagram

Instagram and outdoor advertising

Although the trend that combines Instagram and outdoor advertising has been going on for some time, it is taking several forms:

  • Self-promotion: It’s a way to call attention to an upcoming special or album or movie release that shows people “this person has hit the big time.”
  • Contests: A celebrity may post a photo of their board and ask people to find it identify the area where it’s been posted. Contests are a way to engage people, and so suddenly you have thousands of engagements with a post that would otherwise just be a static image.
  • Doing it for the fans: A lot of celebrities use their “made it” moment of getting their first billboard to post a selfie and combine it with a shout-out to their fans for supporting them.

Social media is a platform for people to share their success, and the ultimate form of success is having a billboard with your name and image plastered across it.

Instagram selfies with billboards aren’t just for the rich and famous, though that’s the most common. You can also find, especially right now with billboards still coming back from last spring’s quarantine, boards with personal messages aimed at regular people. Whether you’re proposing to a special someone or wishing a couple well on their new baby, billboards can deliver personal messages writ large, and Instagram preserves the moment.

Source: https://oohtoday.com/how-instagram-has-embraced-the-billboard-the-next-generation-of-digital-picture-frame/