• PUBLISHED: 08-01-2021
  • at: 09:54

Strong 6,3 earthquake hit central Croatia on 29th December 2020. Anić Outdoor donated 400+ tarps of total surface of 24 thousand m2 to households affected by the devastating earthquake. Tarps, or used advertising banners, were donated directly to households located between Sisak and Glina as well as to logistics centers of Croatian Civil Protection, Red Cross and to local fire departments.

Two years ago we have launched a Recycling Program through which we strive to find and establish as many recycling channels as possible to give our used advertising banners a new purpose. The most important purpose of all yielded as a result of cooperation with Zagreb Fire Department and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service that later spread to voluntary fire brigades across Croatia. Namely, we started to turn used banners into rescue equipment; among other, banners were used to cover buildings affected by fires and other damages of similar sort. After this terrible tragedy, in cooperation with services on the field, we were able to help more than 400 households to protect and cover whatever was left after devastating earthquake.

We sympathize with everyone who have lost their loved ones and everyone who were hit by this disaster. We are glad we could mke a small contribution and we stay at disposal to all emergency services as well as individuals in need.