• PUBLISHED: 30-03-2021
  • at: 14:53

Millennials and Generation Z are the most elusive audience to engage through ads. Currently, more than half of Millennials are actively blocking ads while Generation Z is increasingly using some form of ad-blocking app.
This year 33% of TV viewers have stopped watching traditional Pay-TV services and 90% use some form of music streaming platform. In brief, reaching Millennials and Generation Z with traditional TV channels, radio or digital channels is becoming less and less effective.

This shift has led to a change in consumer habits and greater investment in outdoor advertising that has consistent quality that suits younger consumers and cannot be switched off or blocked.

Some of the reasons why outdoor advertising is the most effective way of reaching Millennials and Generation Z are:

  1. Generation Z values authenticity and real experiences. According to the recent global study (link) outdoor advertising is #1 way to advertise with Millennials and Generation Z.
  2. Although Millennials and Generation Z love content, they don’t have the patience for disruptive social media ads that make outdoor advertising more effective for brands looking to gain the attention and approval of younger audiences.
  3. Social networks and digital advertising channels are increasingly saturated with content and it is increasingly difficult to reach Millennials and Generation Z with such ads. To overcome these obstacles, brands invest more in outdoor advertising through which they address the local market with a relevant message.
  4. OOH offers the location, frequency, and context of the ads that are key to reaching a younger audience. Through creative outdoor ads that are tailored to the environment, brands can win over Millennials and Generation Z.

In conclusion, consumers spend more than 70% of their time away from home and have no tolerance for digital and mobile ads. Brands that opt for outdoor advertising to reach Millennials and Generation Z will see greater return on investment in years to come.

Source: https://www.advertisingweek360.com/why-ooh-could-be-the-key-to-reaching-ad-blockers-and-cord-cutters/