• PUBLISHED: 01-04-2021
  • at: 14:27

Anić Outdoor contributes World Autism Awareness Day by supporting the campaign 'Zablistaj' (translates to 'Shine') through its digital signage network. The campaign was created as a response to prevailing attitudes that put people with autistic spectrum disorders into inferior position.

The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of autistic spectrum disorders and to bring closer to the general public the difficulties people with autistic spectrum disporders experience on a daily basis. Also, it emphasizes the importance of the role each of us plays in integrating these communities smoothly into society and promoting their quality of living.

The team behind the campaign created animated movie that simbolically demonstrates obsticles that people with autistic spectrum disorders face. The main character of the movie is a Star that represents a person with autistic spectrum disorder that finds oneself in different situations and places that restrain him or her from normal daily funcioning.
Featuring of the movie brings closer above mentioned obsticles to every individual of the society in a very simple and comprehensible way to help reach a better understanding of the challenge.

The project was initiated by Mia Rajda with Algebra University College in collaboration with colleagues from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Jana Korlević and Ana Knežević, and Croatian Catholic University, Katarina Užarević. The campaign was created in collaboration with Autism Association Zagreb and with support of Autism Center Zagreb and Federation of Autism Associations.